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Flu Treatment

Some of the most effective treatment options for flu are antiviral drugs. Such drugs can lessen the symptoms and help shorten the time of the individual of suffering from this kind of illness by 1 or 2 days. It can prevent serious flu complications as well such as pneumonia. Here are some safety precautions that … Continue reading

Flu Complications

People who have influenza usually recover after several days or less than two weeks, but there are some individuals who develop complications or serious health infections as a result of flu. Influenza virus may cause infection and wide range of complications in the upper respiratory tract (in nasal passages or throat) and lower respiratory tract … Continue reading

The Difference Between a Cold and a Flu

Most people often mistake flu from cold. Both are actually respiratory illnesses. However, they are caused by different viruses. The reason why most people mistake flu from common cold is because of its similar symptoms. It can be difficult to differentiate these two if we only based from their symptoms alone. Flu is lot worse … Continue reading

Influenza and Its Symptoms

Influenza, or commonly known as Flu, is a highly contagious disease in the respiratory caused by influenza viruses. Symptoms can be mild to severe. People who have flu often feel the following signs and symptoms: High Fever Cough Sore Throat Severe Headache Runny Nose Muscle Pains Feeling tired (Fatigue) Diarrhea